"Calor Tropical" show and Karaoke at Hotel Montemar



"Calor Tropical" show landed on April in Benidorm, at the Montemar Hotel: dance show, salsa, bachata, and then... ¡Everybody to the dance floor!


You are really a star singing in the Karaoke!

We've had fun and we had a good time altogether, didn't we?

¿How was the karaoke song?

¿Did you dance a lot? :)



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Easter holidays 2017 at Hotel Montemar



¡We've had lot of fun for the Easter holidays 2017 in Benidorm!

Karaoke, dancing, talent show, Linda's Show and a weekend party for kids & for adults!



Have you enjoyed your holidays? :)


Easter Holidays fiesta 2017 at Hotel Montemar.

Semana Santa 2017 en el Hotel Montemar

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Let's start the Fiesta at Hotel Montemar



It's April and Easter holidays 2017 are just beginning ... ¡Hotel Montemar Entertainment has just begun!

We've started having fun: Karaoke, talent shows, hat party and a Magician show with Lautaro!


Show de Magia del mago Lautaro en el Hotel Montemar.

Show Magia Lautaro en el Hotel Montemar

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Fiesta del Sombrero.

Fiesta del Sombrero en el Hotel Montemar

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Karaoke y noche de talentos.

Karaoke y noche de talentos Hotel Montemar

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Hotel Montemar supports the "Help a Dane" Sun Safety Campaign



We are located in Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Mediterranean sea, and we perfectly know the risks of sunbathing without sunscreen.

We love this "Help a Dane" Sun Safety Campaign created by The Danish Cancer Society:

Every year, thousands of Danes travel to sunny destinations on holiday. Unfortunately, many of them return home with a sunburn. Sunburns are painful in the short run and they increase the risk of skin cancer in the long run.

This is an appeal for help.

You can help The Danish Sun Safety Campaign prevent sunburns and deadly skin cancer by reminding the Danes to remember shade, sun hat and sunscreen.

Sign up now to Help a Dane at helpadane.com






We have already registered. Have you?

And, above all, we strongly recommend that when you come to Montemar Hotel in Benidorm, you'd better walk under the shade, use sun hat and use sunscreen; in the beach, on the street, in our solarium... Please   :)





(You can choose English subtitles if you want ;) )


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